The theory of Six Degrees of Separation contends that chains of acquaintance link us all; therefore, you are just Six introductions away from any other person on the planet. Never before has SOCIAL INTERACTION BEEN SO PROLIFIC, ATTAINABLE AND USEFUL THAN TODAY!


The systematic computational ANALYSIS OF DATA OR STATISTICS. Spanning entertainment, sports, business, politics, education, and healthcare analytics now plays a decisive role in REVENUE ENHANCEMENT INITIATIVES (REI) each and every day.


We are agents of change embracing diversity, fueled by innovation, grounded with integrity, and obsessed with adding value to our stakeholders


GROWTH. Change is inevitable but progress needs to be intentional, purposeful, and consistent.

GIVING. Humbly sharing our collective Resources for the greater good each and every day.

GRATITUDE. Expressed gratitude to all stakeholders and resources on a daily basis.

GRIT. Courage, resolve, and strength of character consistently.


Founder, CEO

A. I took a bus into NYC in 9th grade to see a family friend at CBS and I immediately fell in love with broadcast television and the event side of the business.

A. It may sound clichéd but I’m doing it! I love what I do, the people we work with and continuing to grow as sports & entertainemt evolves. It’s a blast learning new things everyday!

A. Easy…integrity and hard work! My Mom’s mantra was “If you rest, you rust.” She was obsessed to a life long journey of growth…Mind, Body & Spirit.

A. I think the homerun for me would be to leave a legacy of some kind. Leaving an indelible stamp on life is not an easy thing. Legacies are not about money and things; they’re about morals, values, character and selfless contributions.

A. Without question the Internet…its mind blowing the amount of intelligence that is at your fingertips or within an earshot of Siri!

A. Being a serial entrepreneur there are countless mistakes and painful life lessons along the way. The most valuable lesson I have learned throughout my journey so far is to surround and insulate myself with only honest, motivated, and smart people. Best selling author Jim Collins (“Good to Great”) says “First who then what. Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, then figure out where to drive it.” The right people on the bus eliminate the need to motivate and manage!

A. I climbed Ancient Art – Fisher Towers in the Moab Dessert. I had no experience but I was with two of the best guides in the business. Scary as hell but the by far the most exhilarating thing I have done. Check it out!

A. Without question our Honda Battle of the Bands event in Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. 2,000 participants, 60,000 fans, 12 months of planning each and every year, in its 16th season, a mile or two of hot dogs sold, and a whole lot of happy fans!! Complex to execute…easy to enjoy!

A. I never met a plate of Italian food, seafood or BBQ that I didn’t like!!! I travel to a lot of cities so I am always looking for the hometown favorite and there are some real gems out there!!

A. NYC without a doubt! One of the most unique and diverse cities in the world. It has it all and I mean all!! I grew up across the river in NJ so had easy access growing up.

COO / General Manager

A. Two things my mother would always say:

  • When coming home after a long day of work: “Just give me five minutes.” I’m not sure she intended that to be a lesson but more of a requirement if we wanted a yes to whatever we were going to ask her for permission to do. However, I do find myself thinking of that often, because those five minutes to decompress at the end of a day are a must for me.
  • “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” Important to always remember to be true to yourself and make your own decisions in life.

A. There are so many. It feels like in the past few years there have many so many innovations that have changed the way we live our every day life that we tend to take for granted the ground-breaking ideas that got us to today. In more recent years though, I would say video chat. My Saturday morning Facetime talks with my nieces back home make my day.

A. I believe if a lesson is learned its no longer your worst mistake. The worst mistake you can make is one you repeat because you didn’t learn the lesson.

A. Some things you just need to keep for yourself.

A. Write a book, go skydiving, and bicycle tour through Ireland.

A. Lazy Sunday morning with my husband. Coffee, music, a good book, my Bella (my cat) on my lap and Daisy (my dog) at my feet.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama


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